What Is Gingivitis? – Should You Worry About Your Kids Getting It?

What Is Gingivitis? – Should You Worry About Your Kids Getting It?

What is gingivitis? Should you worry about your kids getting it? Is there any way to prevent this gum condition? Read on for some preventative tips that can help to preserve your child’s happy smile.

What Is Gingivitis?

The short version is that gingivitis is the precursor to periodontal disease. When plaque builds up on the teeth, it can irritate the surrounding gums. This leads to swollen gums, reddening, and potentially bleeding. Gingivitis can usually be relieved at home simply by maintaining a regular schedule of brushing twice a day and flossing. This removes the plaque and the cause of gum irritation. A week of proper oral care should relieve symptoms, and continued hygiene will keep them away.

If gingivitis is not cared for properly, it can progress to periodontitis. At this stage, the gums become highly inflamed, further redden, and may begin to recede. Bleeding becomes worse and is usually accompanied by pain. Once periodontitis sets in, it requires a visit to the dentist for a professional cleaning and maybe even some antibiotics. A serious case of periodontitis may require a special procedure to clean behind the gums.

How to Prevent Gingivitis

Proper oral hygiene should keep gingivitis from occurring or correct it. However, certain conditions like diabetes can predispose a child toward problems with the gums. In such a case, visits to the pediatric dentist for a professional cleaning may need to be more often than the usual once every 6 months.

At BRSH+FLSS Pediatric Dentistry, our focus is on prevention. Our board-certified pediatric dentists will help you and your child to understand how to reduce the risk conditions like gingivitis. For example, your kids will learn the importance of brushing at a 45-degree angle to the gumline. To schedule an appointment call 619-741-1500.