The Surprising Reason Your Teens May Suddenly Care About Dental Health

The Surprising Reason Your Teens May Suddenly Care About Dental Health

It is finally trendy for teens to take care of their teeth. What surprising development do we have to thank for this phenomenon? Technology! More so than ever, teens never know when they are going to end up on social media. Plus, many teens love to take selfies with their friends to commemorate a special trip or even just because they are having a good hair day.

Millions of selfies are shared every day thanks to the advent of social media. Don’t be afraid to encourage your kids to brush their teeth regularly in order to ensure their smile always looks beautiful. This can be a powerful motivator with the result being well cared for teeth that last a lifetime. So regardless of how you feel about the trend itself, the fact is that good oral care is important and teens usually struggle with it.

If the selfie generation has helped your kids to take better care of their teeth, you may have Apple to thank (the company, not the fruit). The iPhone helped make the modern selfie possible by introducing a front-facing camera.

Helping Kids of All Ages to Take Better Care of Their Teeth

At BRSH+FLSS Pediatric Dentistry, we help kids of all ages to focus on prevention rather than restoration. By stressing the importance of brushing and flossing daily, we hope to help create a generation of kids in the San Diego area who have beautiful, picture-worthy smiles for life. To schedule a checkup and cleaning for your kids, call 619-741-1500 today!