5 Ways to Make a Picnic Better for Your Child’s Teeth

Springtime is when we suddenly want to eat outdoors and take a picnic basket to the park. Of course, we rarely think to bring a toothbrush or dental floss along. How can you make a spring picnic healthy for the teeth of your children? Here are 5 ways. #1: Fresh Veggies Raw vegetables with a […]


3 Ways Our San Diego Pediatric Dentists Fight Cavities

The best way to keep cavities from forming in a child’s teeth is for the child to have a good routine of brushing and flossing at home. That’s often easier to say than to turn into a good lifelong habit. How can a pediatric dentist help with your kids? Teaching Children to Maintain a Good […]

gummy vitamins are bad for teeth

Gummy Vitamins—Good or Bad for a Child’s Teeth?

When it comes to getting your child to take a daily vitamin, you may be happy to accept anything that doesn’t turn it into a struggle. Most children are not able to take pills, and chewable or liquid vitamins may not taste very good. Thus, the industry has come up with gummy vitamins to encourage […]