Preparing Your Child for a Dental Filling

Preparing Your Child for a Dental Filling

Many people suffer from anxiety when it is time to be in the dentist’s chair, and that’s even just for a cleaning. Imagine how a child may feel about coming into the office for a filling if he or she doesn’t know what to expect. There is really nothing to worry about, so here are a few tips for helping allay any anxieties.

  • Don’t Panic – Your child will follow your lead. If you are nervous about your child having a cavity, he or she will be nervous too. So be sure to speak positively about the dentist. Don’t mention things like needles or drills. Instead, focus on the positive – that the filling will help to preserve the tooth.
  • Sedation – If your child is still nervous despite your calm demeanor, there are several sedation options such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Speak to the pediatric dentist to determine your best option.
  • Choose the Right Practice – The right pediatric dental practice will help your child to be calm. There will already be a history of good experiences at checkups and cleanings. That trust can lead to less anxiety, and a reduced need for sedation.

Quick and Gentle Pediatric Dental Care

The board-certified pediatric dentists at BRSH+FLSS can help to put your child at ease. Their kind bedside manner and talent at performing restorative dental procedures in a quick and gentle way has helped many children to leave the office with a smile, even after having a cavity filled. Get your child started on the path to lifelong dental health today by calling BRSH+FLSS at 619-741-1500.