Parents – 3 Times You Should Be There During Your Child’s Dental Visits

Parents – 3 Times You Should Be There During Your Child’s Dental Visits

Consider your child’s pediatric dentist to be your partner in helping to keep your kid’s teeth healthy. With that in mind, there are some occasions when you should be in the room with your child for dental visits. Here are a few of those occasions.

#1 If Your Child Is Nervous

Sometimes having mom or dad in the room is all a child needs in order to know everything is going to be okay. Hopefully, your pediatric dentist works to build a good rapport with your child, so that eventually the child will trust the dentist and you won’t have to be there at all times.

#2 If Your Child Is Very Young

It is recommended that parents take their kids to their first dental visit when the first tooth erupts or at least by age 1. Obviously, infants and toddlers should have a parent in the room. This allows you to help care for your child, but it also gives you time to converse with the dentist about proper oral care techniques and about your little one’s teeth are doing.

#3 To Make Decisions

There may be times during a dental procedure that decisions need to made regarding how to care for a particular issue that arises. If it is suspected that such decisions may arise, you may be asked to stay in the room during the procedure, or someone may come to the waiting room to get you. For example, if an attempt at saving a fractured tooth looks like it won’t work, you may be asked to authorize the removal of the tooth.

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