Our practice philosophy is centered on prevention.  Dr. Pokala and Dr. Chawla believe that care for teeth at a young age lays the foundation for life-long oral health, and thus our focus is always on at-home oral care and educating patients and parents on ways on keep their mouths healthy and cavity-free!  Although we believe in a conservative approach, at times treatment is necessary for short- and long-term oral well-being of the child.

We are understanding of the needs and wants of the parents and believe that the best care for children requires a close rapport between the doctors and parents.  Thus, we encourage parents to have an open dialogue about their expectations for their children’s dental care while respecting the professional opinions of our board-certified Pediatric Dentists.

We are proud to have built a state-of-the-art office that creates a warm, fun and friendly atmosphere where children and parents can feel comfortable and enjoy their visit.   While some kids show signs of independence at a younger age, others thrive with their parents next to them.  We welcome parents to accompany their  children throughout their dental visit unless extenuating circumstances demand otherwise.

We hope you become a part of our dental family for a long time and give us the opportunity to get to know you and your family.  It is our pleasure and a privilege to help your child grow up with healthy teeth and a beautiful smile!