One Way Your Kids Should Be Imitating Sports Stars

One Way Your Kids Should Be Imitating Sports Stars

If there’s one thing that the news has taught us all recently, it is that not every famous person is worthy of imitation. Of course, that’s no real secret, and the fact is that athletes are not immune from committing acts that you don’t want your kids imitating. However, there is one way in which your kids should be imitating their favorite sports stars.

If your kids love to play sports in school and for recreation, then a mouth guard is a must. This is an important way to protect teeth from damage. And sports injuries are a common cause of dental damage.

But the pros don’t go the local drug store and buy one of those “one-size-fits-all” mouth guards. They wear ones that have been custom-fit by a dental professional. Why?

  • Proper Fit – A mouth guard that fits right will be more comfortable. That means your kid will actually wear it, rather than conveniently “forgetting” it every time he or she takes the field.
  • Better Performance – Your kids will also play better with a custom-fit mouth guard. A loose fit can block airflow. That means less oxygen for the muscles when they need it the most, while being tested to the limit in a sporting competition.
  • Safety – Mouth guards may actually absorb some impact. That means a custom-fit mouth guard may protect more than just the teeth. It may also reduce the risk of a concussion.

Preventative Care for Children’s Teeth

Whether your children play sports in school or not, we want to help you protect their smiles. That’s why BRSH+FLSS Pediatric Density focuses on prevention. To schedule an appointment for your kids with our board-certified pediatric dentists, just call 619-741-1500 today.