Before your child’s first dental visit, we encourage you to get your child excited about this appointment as a positive experience and a part of growing up.  Use simple terms such as “the dentist will count your teeth and clean them” to get your child to understand what the visit will entail.  We ask that you avoid using negative words like “shot”, “needle”, “drill” or “hurt” at all times as these words cause unnecessary anxiety and fear for your child.  Please allow our doctors and staff to explain the visit to your child in a language that is age appropriate.

Our approach to pediatric dentistry stems from the understanding that every child is unique and has different needs.  We realize that the initial dental visit can cause some nervousness and anxiety for your child.  Our staff is highly skilled in helping your child overcome apprehension and will do their best to make the visit a positive experience!  We pride ourselves on prevention and education.  Thus, the first dental visit is a great opportunity for us to discuss methods to help prevent cavities and show you and your child how to best care for his or her teeth at home.  A focus on diet and at-home hygiene will always continue for future visits.  Please read our Practice Philosophy for more details.


Upon arrival at our office, your child will have the option to play at the iPad station, interact with our beautiful Gouldian finches, read books or watch TV while you fill out the necessary paperwork.  For our very young patients, a play area and stuffed animals are also available.  Our reception area is designed to bring fun, comfort and home-like feel for your child.   Meanwhile, we encourage parents to help themselves to the beverage and coffee area.  The experience continues to the dental chair as your child will have the option to watch movies of his or her liking while laying in the dental chair with you by their side.  Our highly skilled and friendly staff will help make your child’s first dental visit as comfortable as possible.