Just How Bad Is Tobacco for Teeth?

Just How Bad Is Tobacco for Teeth?

You may not want to think about this, but most people start smoking during their teen years. So if you want to give your child one more reason to just say no when offered tobacco for the first time, here are some of the ways that smoking and other forms of tobacco use destroy dental health.

  • Oral Cancer – According to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, about 80% of people who experience oral cancer are tobacco users. Chewing and smoking both dramatically increase the risk of this form of cancer.
  • Periodontal Disease – Smoking affects blood flow and can cause damage to gum tissue making it tougher to fight off infection and heal from tissue damage. As a result, periodontal disease is very common among smokers. According to the CDC, a smoker has double the risk for gum disease as a nonsmoker.
  • Bad Breath – Tobacco increases the bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath. Since tobacco also affects a person’s sense of smell, the smoker usually can’t tell just how bad his or her breath is – but everyone else can.
  • Stained Teeth – Smoking stains the teeth a yellowish-brown color. This is especially true if a person’s teeth are covered in tartar which will more readily become stained than tooth enamel.
  • Damaged Senses – The senses of smell and taste are both damaged by smoking. Perhaps this is why some people find they eat more after quitting. But smoking is never an acceptable way to control weight. It’s just too harmful to the body, including the mouth.

Helping Your Teens Maintain a Happy and Healthy Smile

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