Is Chewing Sugar-Free Gum Actually Good for Your Child’s Teeth?

Is Chewing Sugar-Free Gum Actually Good for Your Child’s Teeth?

This actually quite a controversial subject, so we will present to you some of the pros and cons as well as the results of some research that has been performed. Then you, as a parent, will be able to make an informed decision as to whether you want your child to chew sugar-free gum or not.

Arguments in Favor of Sugar-Free Gum

One sugarless gum company used to have the slogan, “When you can’t brush, chew on this.” That shows how ingrained it is that sugarless gum is actually good for teeth. According to some researchers, these are a few of the benefits of sugarless gum:

  • Increases saliva production – More saliva means more mineralization of teeth. This helps strengthen enamel.
  • Helps fight cavities – It is important to select a brand of sugar-free gum that is approved by the ADA. This will ensure that the sweetener fights cavities rather than causing them.
  • Boosts cognitive skills – One study revealed that chewing gum could give you a 15-20 minute boost in memory and other cognitive skills.

Argument Against Sugar-Free Gum

The main issue with sugar-free gum is that not all brands are created equal. Most people think no sugar means no harm to teeth, but many artificial sweeteners are just as bad for your teeth as regular sugar, and some are even worse as we discussed in our blog post about diet sodas. Xylitol is the best sweetener for teeth. Once again, checking for the ADA seal on the packet of gum can help you to identify a brand that is good for teeth.

Help for Making Dental Health Decisions

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