Is Cavity Prevention Really a Matter of Life and Death?

Is Cavity Prevention Really a Matter of Life and Death?

We know that dental care is important. We’ve all seen the struggle of elderly ones who no longer have their teeth. But did you know that proper oral hygiene can be a matter of life and death? Here are three reasons you want to help your kids stay cavity-free.

#1 Risk of Infection

When tooth decay gets out of control, gum disease isn’t far behind. But infections don’t just stay in the mouth. The abundance of bad bacteria in the mouth will start to seek out other parts of the body to grow and spread. It is not uncommon for oral infections to transfer to the lungs and lead to complications like pneumonia.

#2 Risk of Heart Disease

Bacteria due to oral infections can also spread via the bloodstream. This puts the heart in harm’s way. Toxins that travel through the bloodstream may lead to a premature buildup of fatty plaque in the arteries. Heart disease and stroke risk increase exponentially when the mouth is not properly cared for.

#3 Diabetes Complications

Diabetes and poor oral health go hand in hand. Gum disease may increase blood sugar levels making proper management of diabetes virtually impossible. This makes oral hygiene a particular must for kids dealing with diabetes. And if your child does suffer from diabetes, make sure to let the pediatric dentist know on your next visit if you haven’t already.

Prevention – It May Save a Life

It just makes sense then that BRSH+FLSS Pediatric Dentistry focuses on tooth decay prevention with all of our patients. To schedule an appointment for your little one, call us today at 619-741-1500. Proper preventative dental care might save your child’s life someday.