How to Buy the Right Toothpaste for Your Kids

Home dental care is a vital part of protecting your children from tooth decay. An important element in that home care is selecting the right toothpaste for your kids. Here are some suggestions to help you pick a safe and effective option.

Considerations When Choosing a Toothpaste

One of the main factors to look into once your child is old enough to understand the need to spit toothpaste out is to find fluorinated toothpaste. Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally. It is also added to the water supply of most communities. However, the amount added to drinking water isn’t sufficient for stopping tooth decay on its own. Plus, many families use bottled water that may or may not have fluoride added. As a result, a fluorinated toothpaste is a must.

Tartar control and anti-plaque agents are also important. Anti-plaque toothpaste helps to eliminate the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Tartar control helps to prevent plaque from hardening on the teeth. This process can lead to gum disease and once tartar forms, it has to be removed by the dentist for a professional cleaning.

Finally, be sure that your toothpaste has been endorsed by the ADA (American Dental Association). This helps to back up the claims that the toothpaste brand makes since it has been approved by many dentists. Some of these kinds of toothpaste are also specifically marketed for children in fun colors and flavors that may encourage regular brushing.

The Right Toothpaste and the Right Pediatric Dentist Office

When you combine using the right equipment at home with taking your kids to the right pediatric dentist office, you have the recipe for a happy, healthy smile. BRSH+FLSS Pediatric Dentistry is proud to help parents prevent tooth decay in their children. To schedule an appointment with one of our board-certified pediatric dentists, call 619-741-1500.

How to Buy the Right Toothpaste for Your Kids
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How to Buy the Right Toothpaste for Your Kids