How Often Should Your Kids Get a Dental Checkup?

How Often Should Your Kids Get a Dental Checkup?

You are probably familiar with the recommendation for young and old alike to have a dental checkup twice per year. By having their teeth examined every six months, your children can be helped to avoid cavities and gum disease. Regularly scheduled x-rays can help to anticipate problems and keep a smile healthy.

However, there are situations in which a pediatric dentist may suggest that your child should come in more regularly than twice per year. What are some of the reasons this would be the case?

  • If a young child is showing signs of future orthodontic problems, early detection can allow for preventative measures that may limit the need for future corrections.
  • If a child has a lot of tartar at six months visits despite a regular brushing and flossing schedule, this could indicate that he or she simply creates tartar faster. More frequent cleanings may be necessary to limit the occurrence of tooth decay and gum problems.
  • If dental issues occur, additional visits may be needed to provide restorative treatments such as filling cavities or performing root canal treatments.
  • If an emergency situation arises in which a tooth is cracked, broken, or knocked out, a trip to the dentist may also become necessary.

Providing Preventative and Restorative Dental Care for Kids in the San Diego Area

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