Helping a Child with Bruxism

Helping a Child with Bruxism

Bruxism, grinding of the teeth, is actually quite common among youths. One study found that about a third of kids grind their teeth, at least sometimes. Daytime bruxism involves clenching of the jaw while awake. Nighttime bruxism is an involuntary clenching of the jaw during sleep. How can you help your child if he or she suffers from this condition?

The Causes of Bruxism in Children

There are two primary causes of bruxism in children.

  1. Stress – Clenching and grinding of the teeth is often a stress reaction. Obviously, this makes the primary treatment to discover the source of the stress and to help the child develop a better coping mechanism. However, it can protect the teeth from erosion to have a custom-fit mouthguard to wear during sleep. This can minimize the damage that occurs while stress is being dealt with.
  2. TMJ Disorders – Finding out what is wrong with the jaw joint can help realign it properly and prevent further damage. In the meantime, it is once again a good idea to have a custom-fit mouthguard in place to keep bruxism from occurring at night as this can wear the teeth and lead to serious dental problems in the future.

Getting to the Root of Bruxism

If your child is dealing with bruxism, it is important to discover the underlying cause so it can be treated properly before dental issues begin to occur. BRSH+FLSS Pediatric Dentistry is focused on preventing dental issues and getting to the root of bruxism is a part of that necessary prevention. To schedule an appointment for your child, call our office today at 619-741-1500.