Getting Your Child Ready for a Root Canal

Getting Your Child Ready for a Root Canal

There may be no more terrifying term in the dental industry than root canal. Of course, your child probably doesn’t know that, so it is up to you as a parent to prepare your child for the procedure in a way that will minimize anxiety. How can you do so? Here are a few tips for preparing your child for a root canal.

Emphasize the Positive

Rather than mentioning things like needles or drills, focus on the benefits of the root canal treatment. If your child needs a root canal, the tooth probably hurts constantly. Reinforce the fact that the tooth will no longer hurt once the root canal has been performed. You can tell older children that this is a way to save the tooth long-term rather than needing an extraction and bridge or dental implant.

Stay Calm

Your child will take his or her cues from you, so if you treat this as a normal procedure that is performed without incident on a daily basis all over the world (which it is) then your child is likely to feel the same way and not even realize anything is out of the ordinary.

Choose the Right Pediatric Dentist

Taking your child to the right practice can make all the difference. Having the procedure explained properly, working together with a friendly staff, and knowing that sedation options are available for a nervous child can all make the process much smoother.

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