Dental and General Health Reminders as Kids Go Back to School

Dental and General Health Reminders as Kids Go Back to School

Summer is over, and kids are back in school. While you may still be making the transition from your summer to your fall routine, you want to be sure that the dental and general health of your kids doesn’t get put on the backburner (which can be easy to do if a child is healthy). Here are a few things to take note of to ensure that your kids are in peak physical condition for the new school year.

Healthy Lifestyle

There are also some elements of a healthy routine that can be thrown off during the transition from summer at home to the school year. A few things to watch out for include:

  • Sleep schedule – Now that your kids have to be up for the bus every morning, getting to bed at regular time is a must. Remember that school kids need more sleep than adults, so be sure to keep this in mind when setting bedtimes for younger kids and school night curfews for teens.
  • Proper nutrition – All summer long you may have been able to control what your kids are eating. Now you need to rely on them to know what to avoid, especially when it comes to keeping sugar in its place.

Regular Checkups

It is also almost the end of the calendar year, so if your kids have not had all of their regular checkups, it is important to schedule those right away, especially if your insurance covers a regular routine of checkups. You don’t want your kids to miss an examination, especially one that is going to be free. A few to think about include:

  • Hearing – Hearing is an important part of being able to learn at school since much of the instruction is provided orally by a teacher.
  • Vision – Being able to see the board, books that need to be read, and videos the class may watch are also important elements of learning.
  • Physical – Sometimes an annual physical is provided at school, but you may want your kids to see the pediatrician as well.

Dental – Checkups and cleanings should happen every six months, so now is the time to schedule an appointment if your kids have only had one cleaning so far this year. To set up a checkup with one of the board-certified pediatric dentists at BRSH+FLSS, call 619-741-1500 today!