Caring for a Child’s Teeth Up til Age 2

Caring for a Child’s Teeth Up til Age 2

Your infant’s teeth require care from the moment the first tooth erupts. How can you help your child to keep his or her teeth clean during the first months of life? We’re going to provide you with a few pointers for caring for a child’s teeth up til age 2.

  • Keep gums clean – Really, this can be done even before the first tooth erupts. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe your baby’s gums clean after every feeding. This is particularly important before bed.
  • Caring for the first teeth – Acquire a toothbrush for babies (the bristles are ultra-soft) and use the slightest dab of infant-friendly Start brushing your baby’s teeth from the time the first one appears.
  • Schedule the first dental appointment – You should schedule your baby’s first dental appointment when the very first tooth erupts. However, if you’ve already passed that, try to schedule the first visit by your baby’s first birthday. From there forward, you can get into a regular schedule of getting your child a checkup from a pediatric dentist every 6 months. This will help to ensure good oral health, and leave you with time to take preventative measures if an issue arises.

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