5 Ways to Know Your Kids Are Old Enough to Brush Their Own Teeth

5 Ways to Know Your Kids Are Old Enough to Brush Their Own Teeth

Your children need to have their teeth brushed from the time the first one erupts. That means you as a parent are going to be shouldering the work early on. Your child first needs to learn to spit out toothpaste and eventually how to brush on his or her own. But how can you know when your child can be trusted with oral hygiene? Here are 5 ways to discern their level of responsibility.

  1. Your child is in school – Few kids will be responsible enough to brush on their own before school.
  2. Responsible with chores – If your child can follow your instructions well when carrying out household chores, he or she should be able to do so with a toothbrush as well.
  3. Proper hygiene – If your child can shower and wash his or her own hair without assistance, then brushing probably won’t be an issue.
  4. Watch them brush – Watch your kids brush their teeth. It’s easy to see if they are using the right brushing angle, using the proper amount of toothpaste, and keeping at it for long enough.
  5. Provide reminders – Even children who are capable of brushing and flossing on their own may need daily reminders from mom and dad, so don’t forget to ask your children if they brushed before bed. Once your child brushes regularly without reminders, you know you have prepared your kid for a good future or oral health.

Training Children to Care for Oral Hygiene

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