5 Things to Do When Your Child Complains Of a Toothache

5 Things to Do When Your Child Complains Of a Toothache

Uh oh – your child is complaining about a toothache. What do you do? Don’t panic! We’re about to give you a 5-step process you can follow when your child is dealing with this painful condition.

Step 1 – Determine the Source of the Pain

Is it actually tooth pain or is there a problem with the gums? Look for swelling and redness. When it comes to the teeth themselves, check to see if the tooth is broken or discolored in any way.

Step 2 – When Did the Pain Start?

Sometimes kids, especially those who are anxious about going to the dentist, won’t mention a problem when it firsts starts. So it is important to know if your child’s pain just started or if he or she has been dealing with this silently for weeks.

Step 3 – Ask if an Injury Has Occurred

If an injury has occurred, your child may be trying to cover for a friend or sibling, or even for themselves if they were doing something they weren’t supposed to when the injury occurred. Knowing how the injury occurred, however, may help with the diagnosis and treatment.

Step 4 – Look for Any Obvious Signs of Damage

Some things are more obvious. If a tooth is missing, chipped, or cracked, a quick scan of your child’s mouth will reveal this.

Step 5 – Call BRSH+FLSS Pediatric Dentistry

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