4 Types of Dental X-Rays and What They Reveal

4 Types of Dental X-Rays and What They Reveal

X-rays are a common part of a dental checkup. What types of x-rays may a pediatric dentist take, and what can the dentist learn from each of these types of x-rays? We’re going to examine four types of dental x-rays so that you understand their purpose.

  • Bitewing – As a child’s primary molars grow in and begin to touch, it is important to floss between them. Bitewing x-rays are a vital element in detecting decay between these back teeth.
  • Occlusal – The front teeth are subject to decay, trauma, and infection. They are also the first teeth that young ones lose as their mouth makes room for permanent teeth. Occlusal x-rays target this important area of the mouth to spot damage early on.
  • Periapical – When a problem is deeper in a tooth a periapical x-ray is used to see the root. This can be important when dealing with fractures, abscesses and other more serious dental issues.
  • Panoramic – This image shows the pediatric dentist your child’s entire mouth. Even the teeth that have not yet erupted are visible. It can help to detect problems very early on so that preventative measures may be able to be implemented. Panoramic x-rays are important for monitoring development.

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