4 Techniques for Better Brushing

4 Techniques for Better Brushing

You want your kids to have healthy teeth, and that means brushing the right way. But perhaps you grew up in a household where brushing wasn’t considered that important. How can you teach your kids to brush the right way if you have never learned? Here are 4 tips to help you teach good brushing techniques to your children.

  1. Use small circular strokes – You don’t need to scrub teeth with the toothbrush, especially if you are brushing at least twice per day as recommended. Use small circular strokes instead.
  2. Brush all chewing surfaces – Get into a routine so you don’t miss any chewing surfaces. You may choose to brush the outer surface of your teeth first, then the inner surface, and finally the chewing surfaces. The order is up to you, but brushing the same way every day will help to ensure nothing gets left out.
  3. Use a 45-degree angle – Brushing along the gumline at an angle ensures that you get the most possible plaque and debris away from the gumline where it can otherwise do damage that leads to gingivitis or gum disease.
  4. Brush your tongue – Brushing the tongue destroys a lot of bad bacteria that otherwise stays in the mouth and can transfer back to the teeth right after you are finished brushing.

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