4 Big Myths About Dental Care for Baby Teeth

4 Big Myths About Dental Care for Baby Teeth

We’re about to debunk four of the most harmful myths in the world of dental care for infants. If you are a new parent, be sure not to fall victim to believing one of these dental care fallacies.

Myth #1 – Babies Don’t Need Two Brushings Per Day

We’re not sure where this one came from, but tartar doesn’t magically form slower in a child’s mouth. The twice per day brushing rule is designed to ensure you clear away plaque before it can harden into tartar that has to be removed by a dental professional.

Myth #2 – Kids Don’t Have to See a Dentist Until They Begin School

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends your first dental visit be scheduled as soon as the baby’s first tooth emerges and by the child’s first birthday at the latest. Waiting until school means that those early teeth can be subject to years of tooth decay and plaque with no professional cleanings, recommendations from a pediatric dentist, or preventative dental care.

Myth #3 – You Don’t Have to Clean a Baby’s Teeth After Breastfeeding

After you eat, you should brush your teeth. That’s even true for a baby that is nursing. In fact, you can protect your baby’s gums even before teeth emerge by wiping the gums clean after feeding with a soft, damp, clean cloth.

Myth #4 – It’s Okay to Put a Baby to Bed with a Bottle

We often brush our teeth right before bed. Why? Because that clears away any food on the teeth, protecting them from decay while we sleep overnight. The same should be true for a baby. Putting a baby to bed with a bottle negates the ability to clean the teeth before bed and exposes teeth to the possibility of decay all night long.

Preventative Care for Your Baby’s Teeth

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