3 Reasons Your Children Should Never Miss Their 2 Annual Dental Checkups

3 Reasons Your Children Should Never Miss Their 2 Annual Dental Checkups

You may be a big proponent of dental hygiene at home. But does your child really need to see a pediatric dentist twice per year?  We’re going to look at three reasons that the answer is yes, two annual visits to the pediatric dentist’s office are a must.

#1 A Professional Cleaning

Daily brushing at home is the first step to keeping tooth decay at bay and maintaining good gum health. However, despite your child’s best efforts, there is always going to be some tartar that forms on the teeth over time. A professional dental cleaning every six months is the perfect supplement to daily brushing and flossing. We clear away anything your child may have missed, so his or her teeth stay bright and clean.

#2 Preventative Checkup

Catching a problem with the teeth or gums while it is small is important. Six-month checkups give us the opportunity to watch areas that may seem to be starting to build up a little decay before it becomes necessary to fill a cavity. It allows us to catch a cavity before a root canal is necessary. It gives us the chance to use space maintainers that can fend off the need for expensive orthodontic treatments. It may even prevent the loss of a tooth or serious infections in the gums. If you believe that prevention is the best medicine, then six-month dental exams are the gold standard for your child’s dental care.

#3 Suggestions for Kids and Parents

From the proper nutrition for healthy teeth and gums to things to watch out for that can cause unnecessary damage, a pediatric dentist is in the best position to give dental care advice to new parents and to growing children.

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