3 Reasons to Get Space Maintainers for Your Child

3 Reasons to Get Space Maintainers for Your Child

Space maintainers can be very important for your child’s dental health. While baby teeth may seem unimportant – after all, they fall out naturally – they play a vital role, and you don’t want your child losing them prematurely. But in case it happens, space maintainers can save the day. Here are 3 reasons to get space maintainers for your child.

  • Trauma – If your child suffers trauma (such as an accident on the playground at school) and loses a tooth, it is more than just a matter of waiting for the permanent tooth to grow in. Baby teeth are placeholders, and a space maintainer is vital for holding the place of the lost tooth.
  • Tooth Decay – If a child loses a baby tooth prematurely due to tooth decay, a space maintainer once again becomes critical. Without that tooth in place, the surrounding teeth may begin to crowd that spot. This can make it tougher for permanent teeth to grow in later on when they are supposed to.
  • Braces – Space maintainers may be able to save your child from needing braces if they can help permanent teeth to grow in correctly. That will save you a bunch of money and may save your child some embarrassment during his or her teen years. Even if space maintainers just reduce the length of time your child needs braces, it can make a big difference in overall cost.

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