3 Reasons to Avoid Giving Kids Gummy Vitamins

3 Reasons to Avoid Giving Kids Gummy Vitamins

Perhaps when you were a kid, your parents gave you chewable vitamins in the shape of cartoon characters. They tasted okay and were easy to take. It was a smart way for your parents to get you to take supplements that you may have needed. However, there is a modern trend in vitamins that is not so innocent. Here are 3 reasons to avoid giving your kids gummy vitamins.

#1 Kids Can Mistake Them for Candy

Gummy vitamins usually look just like candy (because they basically are). However, they are infused with vitamins and minerals that should be taken in limited amounts. If kids sneak a bunch of gummy vitamins, it could lead to having too much of certain vitamins or minerals in their system.

#2 There Is Too Much Sugar in Them

Gummy vitamins don’t just look like gummy candy. They are also sweetened like gummy candy. A serving of gummy vitamins will often provide your child with about 1/6 of all the sugar they should be consuming in a single day, and it may be refined sugar.

#3 They Pose a Dental Health Risk

Anything with this much sugar is going to be bad for teeth. Gummy candy is particularly bad because it sticks to the teeth. Plus, since your kids only get one or two gummies rather than the handful they want, it can get that sweet tooth going. Your kids may want more sugar throughout the day as a result. Ultimately, this can lead to tooth decay and cavities.

Helping Parents Create Good Dental Habits for Children

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