3 Reasons Diet Soda Is Just as Bad for Kids as Regular Soda (If Not Worse)

3 Reasons Diet Soda Is Just as Bad for Kids as Regular Soda (If Not Worse)

Some parents wonder if diet sodas are better for their kids since it is assumed that the worst thing for teeth is the sugar. Is that really the case? Can you get your kids to stop bugging you for soda by giving them diet soda? Here are 3 important reasons you don’t want diet soda touching their teeth or gums any more than the regular stuff.

The tongue can’t tell the difference between sugar and artificial sweeteners. As a result, the body gets ready to process sugar when the artificially sweetened drink is tasted. Since there is no actual sugar in the drink, the body may decide to release fewer natural hormones next time real sugar is eaten. This can affect metabolism in the body.

Drinking diet soda increases the risk for type 2 diabetes. According to a recent study, switching from regular soda to diet soda does not decrease the risk of diabetes. Drinking diet sodas increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes just as much as drinking regular soda.

Diet sodas cause just as much dental erosion (more, according to some studies). That’s right – when researchers exposed tooth enamel to diet and regular sodas, Diet Coca Cola actually dissolved almost 10% more tooth enamel than regular Coke.

Helping Your Kids to Protect Tooth Enamel

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