3 “Healthy” Food Options That Are Not Great for Teeth

3 “Healthy” Food Options That Are Not Great for Teeth

Kids love to have snacks between meals, and parents who try to provide healthy snacks for kids are on the right track. However, it is important to note that some snacks that seem to have nutritional value may still not be the best thing for your child’s teeth. Here are three snack options that most people consider healthy but that can harm young teeth.

Dried Fruit

Fruit can be a healthy snack, but there is an issue that arises with dried fruit. It usually has more sugar than fresh fruit. Plus, all of the liquid has been extracted, so it also doesn’t have the healthy, hydrating effect of fresh fruit. In some cases, a serving of dried fruit can have three times as much sugar. That’s something to think about before packing a child’s lunch bag. Fresh fruit is always the better choice for healthy teeth.

Enhanced Water

There are a lot of sports drinks now that are advertised as water with vitamins in it. The problem is that these “water” drinks use sugar or artificial sweeteners to enhance the flavor of the beverage. Kids love that, but so does mouth bacteria. Thus, these specialty water beverages are a poor option for good dental health. If you send your kids to school with a bottled drink that has water in the title, you need to check and see what they are putting in the water that may be harmful to teeth.


This is one of the foods that is usually presented as a healthy alternative to cereal in the morning. While it is true that most breakfast cereals have as much sugar as sweet desserts, granola is frequently no better (especially granola bars, which are often more like candy bars than cereal). If you want to serve granola to your kids, perhaps with yogurt and some fresh fruit, be sure that the brand you buy is low in sugar and high in fiber to maximize nutritional value and minimize danger to teeth.

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