3 Food Secrets for a Brighter Smile

3 Food Secrets for a Brighter Smile

Kids love to snack and while certain snacks may put a smile on a child’s face today, it could lead to a toothache in the future, so choosing the right options is important for parents. Here are 3 secrets to better snacking for kids.

#1 Apples Fight Cavities

An apple a day may keep cavities away. First of all, apples cause the mouth to produce more saliva which is great for clearing away debris. The fibrous nature of apples helps to clean teeth as well. In fact, apples may even slow the growth of bacteria in the mouth. So cultivate a love of apples as a snack early on for your child.

#2 Dairy Products

Dairy products help your child to get the calcium he or she needs for strong bones and the jaw is a vital part of oral health. Additionally, milk helps to neutralize pH levels in the mouth. This creates an atmosphere where harmful bacteria struggle to survive. So before your child starts reaching for a soda with that afternoon snack, create a habit of milk instead.

#3 Tea Instead of Coffee

Kids want to do everything they see mom and dad doing so it is no wonder that coffee becomes the ultimate symbol of growing up to many children. Before you decide coffee isn’t so bad as long as you give them decaf, see if they will take to tea instead. Tea has natural antioxidants that slow down bacteria growth in the mouth. Plus, tea contains fluoride. Not so much it will make a person sick. Just enough to be good for your teeth.

Dental Health Tips for Kids in San Diego

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