3 Creative Ways to Get Your Kid to Let Go of the Pacifier

3 Creative Ways to Get Your Kid to Let Go of the Pacifier

By age two, your child won’t be suffering any permanent damage by continuing to use a pacifier. However, after age two, baby teeth may begin to slant as a result of long-term pacifier use. This risk continues to increase. By age four, a child may be looking at lifelong dental repercussions if the habit is not kicked. Here are 3 unique ways to take the pacifier away without as much of a fight.

Make a Trade

Find a toy your child wants. Then offer to trade the toy for the pacifier. Or you may come up with a tale similar to the tooth fairy. Instead of a lost tooth, the child leaves the pacifier under his or her pillow and gets a treat in return in the morning.

Throw a Party

Whether you are throwing the pacifiers away or sterilizing and donating them, turn it into a celebration. Invite other moms and toddlers. Let all the kids enjoy some fun and maybe a little cake or ice cream, with the understanding that all the pacifiers will be gone when the party is over.

Teach Kids to Recycle

If you are going to recycle the plastic, teach your kids that their old pacifiers can be turned into something for big kids, like a toy. Then, have your child collect all the pacifiers. As a reward, get your toddler something made from recycled plastic and let him or her know that the old items you disposed of will get to be a toy for another child someday.

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