3 Common Ways Kids Damage Their Teeth

3 Common Ways Kids Damage Their Teeth

Fractured or cracked teeth can be extremely painful and require restorative treatments to save the tooth. It’s far better to educate your kids to avoid activities that can lead to tooth damage. Here are three tips to help avoid causing such damage.

#1 Don’t Use Teeth as a Bottle Opener

Whether they saw a kid at school do it or maybe a relative at home, some kids have gotten the incorrect idea that teeth can double as a bottle opener when you don’t have one handy. Fortunately, there aren’t many drinks that require a bottle open anymore (other than ones kids shouldn’t have anyway), but if they get ahold of a soda in an old-fashioned bottle, this can become a temptation.

#2 Teeth Are Not Nutcrackers

In every little bag of pistachios there always seems to be that one or two that don’t have the opening to crack with your fingers. Trying to crack these open with your teeth is about as likely to crack the teeth as the nut. Teach kids to use a nutcracker at home, and that it’s okay to throw away the one or two nuts they can’t open with their hands if a nutcracker isn’t available.

#3 Teeth Are Not a Third Hand

When you have a few things to carry, it can be tempting to hold something between your teeth. But not only are the teeth not meant to hold a heavy weight, if a child were to fall while carrying something this way, it could end up in serious mouth and face damage. Sometimes you just have to make two trips.

Dental Care Tips for Kids and More!

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