5 Ways to Make a Picnic Better for Your Child’s Teeth

Springtime is when we suddenly want to eat outdoors and take a picnic basket to the park. Of course, we rarely think to bring a toothbrush or dental floss along. How can you make a spring picnic healthy for the teeth of your children? Here are 5 ways. #1: Fresh Veggies Raw vegetables with a […]

healthy snack for a child's teeth

Healthy Snacks for a Child’s Teeth When Traveling

If your family is always on the go, it can be tough to snack right and keep teeth healthy. After all, it’s almost too easy to pull off at a fast food restaurant and order one or two items off a discount menu. However, your child may not be able to brush for a long […]


Tips for Maintaining Your Child’s Oral Care During Holiday Travel

At BRSH+FLSS we believe that prevention is the best medicine. We also know that a good oral care routine can be tough to maintain while traveling for the holidays. However, all of the sweet treats that go along with this time of the year make it more important than ever to keep those teeth clean. […]